Having a baby is a wonderful thing. Some dream to make this their reality, while others may or may not yet know it is a blessing to have a child until the child is born. Children really are little miracles. Have you ever talked to a father and a mother who were really hoping for their second child to be the opposite gender of their first born? Ask them why they wish that. Not everyone’s answer would be the same. Some might say that it is because they wish to have one of each gender; a boy and a girl. That way they can experience both children growing up. Boys tend to do boy-ish things and girls tend to do girl-ish things. It can be fun to see both children grow up with their preferences and ways of dealing with life. For the father of daughter, he might want to have a boy next for an array of reasons. He might want a boy so he can pass along his family last name. He might want a boy so he can live a little vicariously through him and watch him grown up doing sports for example, and be the proud parent on the sidelines. There are even more reasons why a father may want to have a son, if he already has a daughter to call his own. Have you ever thought that a father might want to have a child of each gender so that he does not have to pick favorites? See, if he were to have two daughters, he might end up with a favorite daughter. If he had two sons, he might pick favorites unintentionally and have a favorite son, liking one more than the other. We as humans tend to do things like this although he does not have much control over it. It can be difficult in time to not choose favorites! So by having a son and a daughter, one of each, the family can be balanced and not have to subconsciously pick favorites between children. With a boy and a girl the children (in theory) will be so different enough that they will be like comparing apples to oranges. No way to have a favorite there! For more information on family balancing, look into family balancing cost and read up on some FAQs. You’d be surprised perhaps about what options are out there and how affordable something like this is.

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