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I have a good friend who is going to be having a baby soon. We live in northern California and I know they are dear to their children and are constantly looking for a decent and secure way to have the baby and setup the most precautions in expectance of his arrival. ( It’s a boy ) I wish I could go through a list of the places I’ve been to when family/friends have given birth to a child, but unfortunately I was born and raised in Los Angeles California. Now if we were there, This would be simple. The gender selection clinic in Los Angeles is the place everyone I know to have had children, are the most comfortable with. So I guess what this post is for mostly, Is for any good or decent places ( or the best hospital around ) in the Rancho Cordova area. Any suggestions would be extremely helpful and I am very much grateful for anyone who is willing to respond.

My friends are the least picky people on earth, they’re just very secure and very close-knit when it comes to checking on the best outlook and resources not to mention places and people who are going to help bring their child into the world. I want to help, I really want to contribute and I’m going to stay in search unless I can convince them to drive to Los Angeles with me when she’s in her third trimester. Thank you for hearing my endless rand and like I said any time of help would be greatly appreciated. If there are no places anyone can deem 100% safe and clean, it would be helpful to know and understand that now as well. Please email me, my email I will attach to a link underneath this article. Please respond directly and try not to use and foul or misguided comments! We’re just people looking for help and humanity, including the well being for other mankind. Really that is the only thing we are hoping to get out of this discussion. Thank you again to all those who will read or will comment. If you’ve already commented well then you rock. I’m signing off now and am very grateful to all of those who’ve helped, and even to those who haven’t but at least considered helping or have even read this post all the way through!

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