Carrageenan- Does it give rise to malignant cells?

Carrageenan cancer is not a reality. It is just a myth. Just because it did not suit the needs of some of the people it was tagged as being cancerous. It is not possible that it did not suit the needs and specifications of people. It is totally safe to use it and you do not require excessive processing in order to make it. It is made from seaweeds, salt and alcohol. No adulterated material is brought into usage in order to make it. It is also made safe by such countries as: United States of America, entire Europe, China and Japan. It is used in abundance in these countries.

What is it?

Carrageenan is basically regarded as the food additive which is added in the food to increment the delicious taste which is already prevailing in the dish, besides making the food more delicious to be eaten, it also increments the resistance of the food by making it edible for longer hours thus cutting down on the wastage of food. It is used by many people across the globe and is contained in such foods as: milk products, jellies, hotdogs, jams, dressings of the salad, et cetera. It is also encompassed in toothpaste, soaps, face wash, conditioners, make-up and shampoo. It is also used in ice cream and yogurt which we consume frequently.


Had Carrageenan Cancer been a reality, it would not have been used in multiple products. World Health Organization has given it the status of one of the best and the safest additive for the purpose of consumption. Even the agencies which carry out researches on cancer has market it to be absolutely safe for consumption. It is derived from the nature and so one cannot claim it to be a carcinogenic product.

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