How To Contact The Fitprop Shop

Now many people are ready to give importance for their fitness and they like to buy the fitness products through online. There are many online stores are available for people to order for the fitness items. In much online shop they are giving discount offer for their products. Most of the people like to make use of the discount offers make by the company. Fitness is become more important for people and they like to maintain their health by following the fitness practice. They like to buy the fitness gears for maintaining their health. Many people like to buy more items in the same site and them like to buy the fitness gear and for apparels in the same place. They can order their product in fit shop pro where they can get many fitness gear and apparels for both women and men. They can buy the apparels for all ages of men and women. Many people are interest in body building and weight loss process and they can get training from this site. Many people like to do the physical activity in their home by practicing yoga and Pilates and they will get training from this site.

To Know About The Shipping Fees

People can order the items which they like to use they can simply mail the company or they can directly contact them on their website. They are ready to give answer for the questions of the customers.  The emails will be answered from 48 hours to 72 hours and if the customer did not receive any reply from the company they can again mail them and they will give reply as soon as possible. Customers need to pay the shipping fees and the fees depend on the number of items the customer ordered and the weight of the item. Customer will receive their product fit pro from 5 to 45 days depends on the location. The delivery time may vary from one location to another. They are ready to give the mail id of the shipping company to track for the records of their items. Customers can contact the shipping company to know about the delivery date.

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