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How to pick an optician in London

Getting your eyes tested regularly is important, not only to be sure that your prescription is up to date, but also because it can show up a number of health problems. But with such a bewildering number of opticians in London, where do you go? Do you just pick a familiar High Street chain because there’s a branch everywhere, or an independent optician? It’s worth doing some research before you choose an optician, to give you greater confidence that you’ve made the right choice. Some points to help you choose:

  • Consider an independent optician such as this opticians in Ilford, which are often more highly rated than chains. They may be a little more expensive, but the service can be better than in a chain. You may be seen more quickly and receive more individual service.
  • If you have specialised needs, check that the optician can fulfil them. For example, you may have a family history of glaucoma, so need an optician who offers glaucoma checks as part of the examination.
  • Look for reviews online. Although you can’t always be sure that a review is genuine, it can be helpful to see if a branch consistently receives good or bad reviews.
  • Ask for recommendations. You most likely have several friends, relatives or colleagues who wear glasses or contact lenses, so ask if they can recommend a good optician.
  • Accessibility can also influence your choice. An optician that is local to your home or place of work will be convenient. If you are unable to attend the branch due to health or mobility issues, you may be able to find an optician that does home visits. This is also useful for elderly relatives.
  • The manner of the staff should also be a factor. You want to deal with an optician who has time to discuss your eyes with you, and who treats you as a valued customer. The staff on reception should also have a friendly, helpful attitude. Avoid anyone who tries to give you the hard sell or pressure you in any way.
  • Check the qualifications of the staff. Choose a branch with well-qualified optometrists – the people who carry out the test and examine your eyes – and dispensing opticians (who design and fit your glasses). You can check if they are registered with the College of Optometrists or the General Optical Council.
  • Look for a good choice of frames or contact lenses you will want an optician who sells a wide range of frames to suit all budgets. Designer frames will attract the fashion-conscious, while those with a smaller budget will want a reasonable choice of affordable frames.
  • What kind of aftercare do they offer? For example, altering the fit of your glasses if they are uncomfortable, or to check that your contact lenses are still comfortable. What does aftercare cost?
  • Ask about availability of appointments. Do they offer appointments at short notice, if you prefer not to book in advance?

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