Types of dental services

Types of dental services


Dentistry involves several studies, diagnosis as well as treatments about dental problems. It is manned properly by dental practitioners who are known as dentists. They are dental surgeons who are specialized in diagnosing and treating all types of oral problems. Almost all the dental surgeons work with dental hygienists, technicians and assistants to maintain the wellness and aesthetics of the patient’s teeth. Some of the dental services offered at Boones Ferry Dental clinic are as follows.

  • Bridging is a tooth restoration method used in replacing the missing tooth. In clinical terms it is known as fixed partial denture.
  • Crowns are one of the dental services used in restoring the teeth of patient caused by tooth decay. Crowns are fitted over the remaining portion of the tooth to make it stronger and create a perfect tooth shape.
  • Dental implant is a service performed by periodontist. Implants include artificial tooth that will be affixed to the jaw of person using a tooth root made of titanium.

Some other dental services are oral prophylaxis, teeth whitening, fillings and orthodontics.

How to choose the right dental clinic

Approaching a dentist who you trust means your tooth will be in good condition and you will maintain the perfect whiteness of your teeth. Following are some important factors you have to consider while choosing the right dentist or dental clinic.

  • First check the clinic or dentist’s reputation. Choosing a clinic that is recommended by most of the people in the area is the wise decision. People can check the website of the clinic to check if any customer testimonials are provided.
  • Specialization and experience are the two important factors people must consider while choosing the dental services. They have to look for details about the education, specialization and experience of the dentist. Individuals who like to have cosmetic dentistry services have to make sure the clinic has the professionals with particular niche specialization.
  • It is best to visit the clinic when choosing the dentist. People should ensure that the clinic features a comfortable and clean environment.

Consider the customer service of the clinic

Apart from getting treatment from an experienced and specialized dentist on the dental problem, people must get friendly and polite customer service. They have to check into the customer service of the client by talking to the staff members either through phone or visit them in person. People can visit the clinic to know how they are treating the patients. Even they can talk to some patients who obtain dental services from that clinic. Only the best clinic focuses on understanding the preferences and specific needs of patients. The behavior of staff members is as essential as the clinic’s reputation and quality of the tools and equipment used in the clinic. If you feel uncomfortable and unsure, you can look for another dental practice in your area. Boones Ferry Dental in Lake Oswego has been offering excellent dental services to the patients. They approach patients with more care and friendly attitude to make them comfortable to get benefited from the treatment.

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