Certified Japanese to English translation: Original copy of official documents

Your Japanese translation services agency of choice will need to review the documents you require translated and certified. Not only is this process instrumental in the pricing of translation services, but the agency will also be able to determine if it is capable of delivering on your translation requirements or not. This is all information you want to know upfront (why waste time?)!


Should you provide the original documents or a copy of the original documents?

This very much depends on the translating agency – Some will require the original and others simply a copy of the original. Having said that, there are a couple of things to bear in mind:

  1. Delivering the original documents to the agency is time consuming and costly.
  2. The translating agency is not qualified, and has no way (short of inquiring directly at the issuing authority), to authenticate your official or legal documents.

Indeed, if one thinks about it carefully, it’s not the job of the translation agency to authenticate your, for example, health care documents. That is, the assumption is you are providing authentic documents that require certified translation. Therefore, you can save time and money by sending – email being the most efficient – a (scanned) copy of the original documents on which to base the certified Japanese to English translation

Naturally, you’ll need to submit the original documents together with the translated documents when you submit your application to the relevant organization.

On a side note, some clients are hesitant to provide official or legal documents, or they redact important information, due to privacy concerns. This is not helpful, because the Japanese translation agency will not be able to provide you an accurate costing or be able to determine if they are capable of meeting your translation requirements. A better solution here would be to request a confidentiality agreement, which would be more inline with your natural interests of protecting your privacy and getting an accurate evaluation your documents.

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