Gastric Sleeve Before And After Result

Patients do gastric sleeve surgery to reduce their weight which is usually the major factor which leads to many other diseases.  The surgery reduces an average 30 percent of the Body Mass Index (BMI) and there is less than 1 percent complication involved compared to gastric bypass surgery. The problems discussed are on the basis of statistics and the opinions of the patients.

Problem Before And Its After Effect

Asthma Attack And Joint Pain

The patients due to their weight had an issue of climbing stairs and this was hideous with huffy and panting, and loss of breath leading tom asthma attack and often rushed to the hospital and an inhaler should be kept handy and these patients often suffer from knee pain. After the gastric sleeve surgery, the patients are now blooming happily, without a need for an inhaler and no knee pain as the weight has been drastically reduced. Thus, there is a drastic improvement of 82 percent improvement for patients, and improvement of 41- 76 per cent joint pain and problems resolved.


Often obese adults are depressed with low spirit, as the reason for depression is that they are obese, they consist of 43 per cent. Often depression leads to eating more. The patients are not motivated to do anything and cannot even diet as food is the only stress buster. After the surgery the patients are now confident and motivated, leading a social life and of course, food is not their priority anymore. Thus, there is 55 percent more improvement shown after surgery.


85 percent of Diabetes Type 2 is caused due to obesity, which causes the blood sugar to malfunction. These patients often need insulin and medication to control the blood sugar. It is very risky as these patients sugar level keep fluctuating and can cause stroke too. After the surgery, the patients are much happy as the sugar levels have come down and even normal for many. The improvement level is 83 percent.

Sleep Apnea

45 percent of obese patients suffer from sleep apnea, where the sleepers’ airway passage is partially or fully blocked and the patients are unable to breathe and bending down is a big issue due to the stomach. After the surgery there is 74 -96 percent improvements for these patients and now can bend down whenever needed.

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