What kind of medical negligence claims are there for diet therapy?

Concept of forensic medicine close up

Concept of forensic medicine close up

Medical negligence happens all around the world. A patient puts their trust into healthcare providers and doctors sometimes without knowing or understanding the full outcomes of surgery or treatment. If you think you have been mistreated or have suffered injury, pain, harm or trauma from treatment, surgery or therapy then you could possibly be eligible to claim compensation. Compensation will usually cover any payment for ongoing and further treatment which a patient needs, compensation if you cannot work or continue to do daily activities prior to treatment, it will cover the cost of any extra equipment you may need and compensation for psychological damage. Medical malpractice comes in all types of forms which include before treatment, after care and surgery. Many different claims come through incorrect diet therapy which has caused the patient harm and suffering. Have a look below.

Medical Negligence Claims – Diet Therapy

Dietary therapy is a type of treatment which health professionals give patients for many reasons. Doctors may prescribe a tense diet therapy for weight loss, for diabetes, for young children, for people with seizures and even for people after surgery.

The many claims which patients have made include extensive weight loss which has made them sick, prescribing the wrong type of diet therapy for that patient and illness leading to health complications and suffering and general mistreatment of diet therapy in the aftercare wards after surgery. For example, one woman aged 23 in a recent case study showed she was admitted to hospital for extreme anorexia. The hospital then discharged her before her treatment was fully completed which resulted in her condition to worsen. After an extensive investigation into her case it was proven that the medical bodies failed to document her case properly, there was a lack of information to show her weight, her progress, her diet and general care. This then resulted in her being discharged incorrectly.

If you had surgery and were given a diet to follow which caused complications or if you were referred to a nutritionist for treatment which worsened your condition you could be able to make a claim. If you were prescribed a diet in the hospital which caused you any suffering or pain, then you can also make a claim and ask for compensation. You need to go through the right loopholes and make complaints with the right unions and bodies as well as talking to a professional who specializes in medical negligence claim.

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