What Should You Expect When Visiting an Eye Specialist

We visit an eye specialist in Singapore because they have the expertise, information, tools, and resources necessary for us to maintain the health of our vision. In case you are planning to visit a specialist, it will be best to be prepared to make the most of your visit and ask your eye doctor the right question. Whether you feel that something is different with your eyes or you think you need new eyeglasses, its still advisable to visit an eye doctor.

Here’s what you can expect when you visit an eye specialist:

  • Expect to undergo a series of vision screenings –these include prescription checks, visual field testing and examination of the back of the eye. Potential eye problems or eye diseases may be picked up during these examinations. You may bring along your current pair of spectacles for the optometrists to evaluate.

  • Having toschedule regular eye exams – your firstvisit to your eye specialist in Singapore may not be the last. Should your doctor advise it, you will need to follow their recommendation to return for regular follow-ups.

  • After these tests, your doctor will discuss with the results of the examinations done – the current state of your eyes and vision will be comprehensively discussed. This is also the best time to raise up any questions with regards to your vision and eye health. He or she may also advise you to undergo vision correction such as eyeglasses or contact lenses or eye surgery.

Certain vision problems or eye diseases have minimal to no symptoms. Hence,patients are advised to schedule regular appointments to see their eye doctors. There are many things that can change in your vision in one year so having an annual eye exam is important. To help you with your next eye exam, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Bring a list of current medications as well as the records of your medical history
  • Describe any symptoms you might be feeling
  • find out if there is any family history of eye diseases such as glaucoma and retinal detachment as they are hereditary
  • Inquire about your insurance plan to know whether you will be able to use it for the visit
  • Bring all the necessary records, insurance card, identification
  • Bring alone your recent prescription eye glasses or contact lenses

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